Peugeot 206 door lock repair 2016.01.22 at 16:21

Writing this post in English, as this way more people would find and read the article. So, the door lock malfunction was indicated in radio screen, saying „Right doors open“. Secondary malfunctions:

Dome lamp blinking constantly, when turned on.
Remote lock on the key not working – locking the car and then unlocking.
Forgotten key in keylock reminder not working.

So, the easy repair would simply replace the door lock, but paying some significant amount of money for half an hour work is not work it. So, if you have the same problems – try this method. First of all, you should take out the locking mechanism. Its easy, 3 bolts and some hooks to unhook.


A bit dirty, but already on the table.


Top view. The target is to take the gray part off, it is sealed with unltrasonic welder, but take a screwdriver and put a little effort on this. For me it was not hard to pop it open, just find the right spot to put the screwdriver between gray and black parts on the housing and it will snap off step by step.


The dark side of the moo… aa… Door lock.


So, you can see the motor, that does the locking and unlocking. The car knows if the door is closed or not, locked or not, by two little sliding switches. They are located under that black cover. You don’t even need to remove the cover to fix this. You can see the white switch and black switch. Black has something like rubber around it – that’s the repair. This switch is responsible for sending the closed door signal to the car.


The switches are switched by this metal „leg“, and naturally, this metal rubbed plastic switches for a long time, so, now one switch is not pushed enough to close the circuit and let the car know that doors are closed. So, I just put some heat shrinking tube on it and some hot air did the rest of the job. Be careful not to melt the switch. And you can put something else there, the target is to make switch thicker, so it will be pushed longer distance and make a good contact.


That’s it, put some grease on the moving parts and superglue the housing.

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  1. Thanks for Posting this repair !! And doing it in English.
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